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Hobby Shops in San Antonio

San Antonio has some great local hobby shops, and all of them support the ARCS organization by carrying our newsletters, advertising our special events, and generously providing equipment at discounted prices for our monthly meeting raffles.

PLEASE, support your local hobby shops.  While it may be possible to find RC supplies cheaper at web based hobby's your local hobby shop owner and staff who are there to field your questions, teach you new techniques, and generally help you grow in this sport.  Try asking the online sales person how to find the CG of your new biplane...or how to resolve an issue with servo reversing or radio programming.

Our hats go off to each of the San Antonio Hobby Store owners and their wonderful staffs.

HobbyTown USA
Al's Hobbies

 Here's a San Antonio Map showing the ARCS field, our meeting place, and local Hobby Shops