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Directions to the ARCS Harold Cannon Field

ARCS Harold Cannon Field is located at 10025 Shepherd Road in Macdona. GPS coordinates for the gate are: 29 19' 25", –98 43' 11", or in decimal: 29.323611, -98.719722.

Please note that the above coordinates will get you to the gate location, but if you are not a member you will not be able to open the gate. If you don't know a Club member, then call one of the Club Officers to see if you can find a day and time to meet at the gate as a visitor. You must have a current AMA membership to fly at our field.

Also note that the AMA standardizes on the coordinates for the center of the runway for their documentation available on their Web site, but you need to use the gate coordinates to drive to the field. The runway coordinates are: 29 19' 26", -98 43' 22", or in decimal 29.323889, -98.722778.

The field is located about 300 yards South of the intersection of Shepherd and Macdona-LaCoste roads. See the map at the bottom of this page to orient where our field is located. How best to get to the field depends on where you are coming from:
  • If you are coming South on 1604W, cross the Medina river bridge, then turn left onto Macdonna-Lacoste. Follow the left curve and continue West to Shephard Rd.
  • From US90 and points West, take West Montgomery towards the South, to Macdona-LaCoste towards the East, to Shepherd Rd.
  • Please note that the ONLY way to get to the flying field is through the gate.  Driving through the adjacent field will only serve to anger the property owner and result you being asked to leave.  

 ARCS field satellite image

 Here's a San Antonio area map showing the ARCS field, our meeting place, and local Hobby Shops

Area Map with Legend